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Pest Control In Sterling, VA

Sterling is a census-designated place in Loudon County, Virginia, located in the marshlands south of the Potomac River. While this community can feel sequestered from the bustle of the nearby Washington metro area, there are certainly plenty of spillovers, and our proximity to the Dulles International Airport means that we are a common place for people to drive through. This human activity, coupled with a humid climate that keeps temperatures mild year-round, means that pest problems are a genuine concern for local property owners. Learning how Sterling residents can avoid pest infestations is half the battle, one that’s made easier to win by partnering with local pest experts.

Residential Pest Control In Sterling


Pests inside of your home can seem like a far-off concern. After all, you keep your home clean, and you keep up on essential property maintenance. But just because you’ve never noticed pests around doesn’t mean they can’t easily be attracted to your property. Human activity attracts pests, plain and simple. That means all homes are vulnerable, even clean and well-maintained ones. This is why you should partner with residential pest control experts who can keep your home truly protected. At Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, we stand by this effective process:

  • Inspection: To determine where pests are or where they may be drawn to, we need to inspect your property inside and out. This helps us craft a pest control plan that fits your home. 
  • Non-Pesticide Solutions: We always try for non-chemical and non-pesticide options first. We know that no one wants smelly sprays used in their home. 
  • Treatment Solutions: We also offer safe and effective treatments that protect your home’s perimeter from infestations. 
  • Follow-up: We check in with you once the services are wrapped up to ensure they are working and that you’re completely satisfied with our treatment plan. We’re happy to adjust and re-apply at no extra cost if things aren’t to your liking. 

Turn to this residential pest control plan whether you already have a pest infestation or want to make sure you never do. 

All The Ways You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs Around Sterling

People tend to assume incorrect things about bed bugs. Either they think that they can’t or won’t happen to them, or they think they would be easy to address if they ever got inside their home. But we’re here to tell you that bed bugs are a lot more common and pesky than people give them credit for. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions about bed bugs that you should avoid making: 

  • Where They Come From: Bed bugs aren’t like other pests. They don’t crawl inside on their own. Instead, they are carried in without people realizing it. They cling to hair, skin, clothing, and other items to hitch rides back to our properties. 
  • Hotspots: Part of the way that bed bugs get from one place to the next is by congregating in public spaces or high-traffic areas. Hotspots typically pick up bed bugs like hotels, airports, and other populated areas. 
  • Where They Nest: Despite their name, bed bugs don’t just nest in mattresses and linens. They also hide in other furniture or within closets and warm containers. 

Let bed bug control experts help you avoid making these mistakes and bringing bed bugs back to your Sterling home. If bed bugs are already there, don’t try and eliminate all of them on your own. Instead, turn to Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions today.

Four Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Sterling

For most people, ant control can seem like a lost cause. No matter how clean you keep your home, ants can be drawn to traces of food and moisture from far and wide – and they are so small that they can slip in through cracks and spaces that other pests might not be able to. This is why it’s essential to mitigate the factors that attract pests as much as you can, then turn to professionals for extra guidance and help. Here are some of the most critical forms of ant control you can implement in your home:

  • Food: Ants can easily find the food you store in your pantries and drawers. Plus, they can survive on crumbs or traces left behind even after you clean. 
  • Trash: Even without these other food sources, there’s another area where ants can find plenty of sustenance. Your garbage cans can be accessible food sources for all kinds of pests. 
  • Access: Ants will crawl in through gaps in your doorways, tears in window screens or simple cracks and holes in your walls. You should regularly evaluate your home for access points and take steps to eliminate them. 
  • Treatments: The best form of ant control comes from professional treatments of your home. They can eliminate existing colonies and protect against future invasions. 

Don’t let ants get inside your Sterling home, partner with us today to get started on overall ant control.

The Trick To Keeping Mice Away From Your Sterling Home

Rodents are some of the all-time worst invaders of human homes. They’ve been sneaking inside our walls and storage spaces for centuries because they know that human properties contain all that they need to survive. Mice are some of the most common offenders, and they can lead to a whole lot of property damage and health hazards if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s better to be preventative than react to an infestation once it’s already there. Mice can dig in and be tough to eliminate, and the longer they are there, the more they can compound the other problems that stem from an infestation. To keep mice out of your Sterling home for good, turn to the expert guidance of Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions. We can inspect your home for signs of mice or the factors that might be attracting them to your property. Then, we work with you to develop a pest control plan that’s right for your home. Contact us today to get started. 

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