Wood-Destroying Insect Control In Stafford, VA And Surrounding Areas

Protecting Your Stafford Home From Wood Destroying Insects

ImageWhen you think of insects, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably something along the lines of which ones are the creepiest or how to avoid the ones that bite. What probably doesn’t come to mind is their destructive capabilities. Unfortunately, when you live in Stafford or other parts of Virginia, you need to spend at least a little time thinking about wood-destroying insects. Termites, carpenter bees, and other wood-destroying insects thrive in our area, and if your home has no protection from them, it could end up with significant damage.

Protecting your home from wood-destroying insects takes knowledge, care, and experience. Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions provides the services you need to protect your Stafford home, as well as additional pest services in Stafford and surrounding areas, from the insects that will damage it if given a chance. Instead of joining the many Americans who spend over five billion dollars repairing structural damage caused by wood-destroying insects each year, contact Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions to protect your home from Stafford pests.

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Our Stafford, VA Wood-Destroying Insect Control Service


At Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, we offer a number of pest-related services in the Stafford, VA area;

Carpenter Bees

If carpenter bees have moved onto your property, they will likely begin boring holes into various areas around the outside of your house. We’ll visit your home to look for signs of their presence, paying careful attention to eaves, gutter lines, soffits, wooden posts, handrails, deck rails, and front porches.

Because carpenter bees are pollinators, we don’t perform preventative treatments but only offer treatment when they damage your structure. Our treatment includes dusting the holes they’ve created, and treating the impacted wood surfaces with a residual product for long-term control.


Termites are very common in Stafford. They get into your home unseen, then proceed to chew tunnels through the wooden elements inside your house. Over time this will weaken the structural integrity of your home, making it an unsafe place in which to live. When you contact Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions for termite control, we’ll start by inspecting your home and property to look for conducive conditions that could be linked to termite activity. These include excessive moisture in the soil, overgrown areas, wood rot, and more. Shady areas around the home are also hotspots for termites, as well as any other place where there is cellulose debris, mulch, or woodpiles.

We use Termidor® HE to protect your home from termites, whether you have an active infestation or are proactively working to avoid an infestation. This one-time treatment is applied after we dig a shallow trench in the soil all around the exterior perimeter of your house. We’ll apply the treatment into the trench, then fill it back in. When termites cross the barrier, they’ll be affected by the active ingredient and transfer it to other members of the colony.

Our Termidor® HE treatment comes with either a one-year or five-year warranty, depending on what you choose. Our Platinum Protection Plan bundles this service with other pest control and allows for ongoing follow-ups for termites.

Wood-Destroying Insect Reports For Stafford Home Buyers & Sellers

In order to sell or purchase a home in Virginia, you must have an NPMA 33 Form on file. We provide this service, which includes a full inspection of the house and writing up the proper paperwork. We’ll inspect the home for sale for any signs of wood-destroying insect damage or activity, then report our findings on the form.


Don’t Let Wood-Destroying Insects Harm Your Stafford Home

Protecting your home from wood-destroying insects, like termites and carpenter bees, is important to the safety of your house. Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions offers the services necessary to eliminate and prevent these damaging pests in order to protect your home. With a variety of options and warranties, you can expect long-term protection from our services. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your wood-destroying insect service.