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Complete Pest Control In Stafford, Virginia

Areas that are scenic sometimes don’t have many spots for tourist attractions, shopping, dining, and recreation. Stafford presents the best of both worlds. Beautiful organic settings surround historic landmarks, entertainment venues, and hospitality centers; there’s much to enjoy in our friendly and intimate community.

When it comes to corporate entities, there can be extremes with that as well. Many are professional but lack warmth and understanding with their clientele. Those that are more approachable may be too casual. We, at Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, prioritize providing expert care with compassion. Our staff has over 30 years of trained experience and affordable services that involve low-toxicity options. Safety and discretion are a part of our values.

Insects and creatures are all around us, but we can help you keep them away from your home or business. Learn more about our techniques and how you can avoid the perils of common Stafford pests such as rodents and ants.

Home Pest Control In Stafford, VA


Having regular home pest control is always vital, whether insects and creatures are visible near your place or not. They can enter your domicile and multiply quietly. You may not realize there’s an invasion until you see the damage to your structures or personal effects. In addition to the wreckage they leave behind, creepy crawlers can cultivate illness with germs. They also might injure you with bites, scratches, and stings. Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions can bolster your efforts to protect your assets and well-being.

Characteristics of our residential program are:

  • Availability of a protection plan that saves money
  • One-time visits 
  • Interior and exterior solutions
  • Regulated amounts of pesticides 
  • Accessible warranties and guarantees 
  • Customized treatments

Our team of experienced technicians can address a range of critter problems. We have specialized services for wood-destroying insects, bed bugs, bees, mosquitoes, and more. You can have confidence in our Stafford, VA home pest control, as we have earned four awards from Home Advisor for quality work and reception. Call for an inspection today!

Why Rodent Control Is Important For Stafford Homes

Rodents can be terrifying to encounter; most are sizable. For instance, common house mice and roof rats in the region can be 7 to 15 inches long, respectively. They often have scaly tails, round eyes and ears, and pointed faces. In terms of shade, they may be black, brown, gray, or white.

Aside from being frightening, these fast procreators are ruinous pests:

  • They will gnaw on just about anything, particularly walls, wires, and pipes.
  • Their biting habits can result in cosmetic damage, electrical fires and shortages, and plumbing malfunctions.
  • They have parasites and bacteria in their hairs, saliva, and waste.
  • They are associated with salmonella, hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and other conditions.

Since rodents can get through tiny holes, Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions interventions are needed. We’ll employ industrial-grade baits, traps, tracking powders, and more. Contact us to get rid of house mice, roof rats, and others with our Stafford, VA rodent control services.

Stafford’s Guide To Quality Ant Control

Ants are small, and they seem to be everywhere. Due to this, people frequently assume that they’re harmless; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Ants are a danger in Stafford homes because they can taint food and surfaces with the bacteria they harbor, and they are linked to E. coli and salmonella, among other illnesses. Some species bring extra hazards, like tearing up wood or stinging capabilities.

You must enact preventative protocols for these bugs because their colonies are huge. In the blink of an eye, you could be facing a major infestation. Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions can lend a hand with ant control.

Here’s what you can do independently to ward ants off your property:

  • Patch up gaps in screens, windows, doors, foundations, and utility lines.
  • Put sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Cut the grass and trim greenery regularly. Distance plants from the property by two feet.
  • Clean up food messes promptly.
  • Place food and trash in airtight containers, and don’t forget about pet meals.
  • Make sure your kitchen and pantries stay neat.
  • Routinely remove garbage and vacuum rugs.
  • Have moisture issues and leaks fixed as soon as possible.

Retail products for ant control can cause them to spread out, exacerbating the problem. We at Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions have specially-designed avenues to deal with them. Don’t hesitate to call on us right away!

How To Treat Bed Bugs In Stafford Homes

The problem with bed bugs is not only that they keep you up at night – it’s that they keep keeping you up at night, because every time you try to treat them, they grow back to their full numbers in a matter of weeks or even days.

Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to bed bug control for homes in Stafford and the surrounding area.

Treatment begins with a full inspection of your home. Our technicians undergo extensive training to be able to identify all of the known warning signs that bed bugs leave behind. By identifying these signs in your home, we’ll not only be able to confirm the presence of an infestation, but also use them to track it down to the source.

During treatment, our technicians take the time to thoroughly treat and eliminate any live bed bug eggs, nymphs, or adults present anywhere throughout the home. By immediately reducing their ability to reproduce, we are able to not only stop your current bed bug problems but also stop them from returning in the immediate future.

With Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, your home is in good hands. Contact us today and make bed bugs a thing of the past with comprehensive bed bug control services.

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