How To Keep The Mice In Stafford Out Of Your Home


To keep mice away from your Stafford home, you should invest in professional mouse control and easy prevention tips for rodents. Stafford pest control professionals can help you with this and will work with you to ensure that any mouse problem is fully resolved.

What Food Sources Attract Rodents?

Rodents are attracted to many food sources, and mice especially love nuts, berries, plants, pet food, and leftover human food. You will likely find rodents scavenging in your food storage areas for grains and sweet items to eat or see them rummaging around trash cans for leftover food.

Twelve Common Questions And Answers About Mice In The House

Seeing mice around your house will likely bring some questions and concerns to the forefront of your mind. Our experts answer the most common mice questions:

  1. How do mice get into my home?: This pest will invade your home through cracks and holes around windows, doors, and the foundation.
  2. What attracts mice?: Mice are attracted to easy food, shelter, and water sources around your home.
  3. Are mice dangerous? : Yes, mice can be pretty dangerous, especially in large numbers, as this pest spreads disease and contaminates your home with its droppings.
  4. What diseases can mice spread?:  Mice are known carriers of illnesses such as salmonellosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and hantavirus, among many others.
  5. Why are mice so tricky to eliminate: Mice are incredibly prolific and adaptable, often hiding in hard-to-reach places and becoming difficult to eradicate without professional help.
  6. How quickly do mice reproduce?: One female mouse has a litter every three weeks.
  7. Does seeing one mouse mean more are hiding out?: Yes, in most cases, seeing one mouse around your home usually means there are more.
  8. Can you DIY mouse control?: While you may be able to DIY some mouse control solutions, this isn’t recommended if you want to eradicate mice and prevent reinfestation.
  9. Where do mice live?: Mice prefer to live in the walls of your home, attics, or basements in darker, secluded areas.
  10. Can I prevent mice?: Yes, you can prevent mice by sealing up potential entry points, storing leftover food properly, and disposing of trash in sealed bags.
  11. How quickly can a mouse infestation grow out of control?: A mouse infestation can become widespread within a month or two, thanks to quick reproduction.
  12. Can professional rodent control eliminate mice?: Yes, professional rodent control is one of the best ways to eliminate every mouse hiding in your home safely.

For more information about mice in your home, contact Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions today.

Eek! I Saw A Mouse In My Kitchen!

If you have a mouse infestation, you are likely to see this pest running around your home, especially in areas heavy with food like your kitchen. However, seeing one mouse means are more hiding in harder-to-reach areas, something that needs to be treated with professional rodent control if you are to reclaim your home from this pest. Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions can help with this.

Total Rodent Control For Homes In Stafford

The best way to catch mice isn’t to DIY mouse traps or hope the mice go away – it’s professional rodent control provided by Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions. Our experienced technicians will help you get rid of mice and ensure that infestations are gone for good.

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