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Superior Pest Control In Dunn Loring, VA

The mid-sized town of Dunn Loring is regarded as one of the area’s most underrated suburbs. There is access to excellent public education, a bike path, clean parks, winding neighborhoods, local restaurants and businesses, and easy access to the interstate. Dunn Loring is also located exceptionally close to Arlington, Washington, D.C., and the greater metropolitan area, which makes it ideal for working professionals and families.

Because pest problems are also prevalent in the area, Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions is dedicated to providing superior Fairfax County pest control for all homeowners. Since our inception, we have always acted with integrity, fairness, and honesty. We believe in treating all of our customers as if they were our family, and to us, that also means delivering the safest treatments at an affordable price. We offer free inspections, offer same-day services when possible, and customize our programs by adhering to Integrated Pest Management. To learn more about our general and specialized pest control offerings, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Dunn Loring


Pests will do everything they can to gain access to your Dunn Loring home and at Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, it’s our mission to make sure that doesn’t happen. We believe in treating every homeowner like they are our family, which means that we will always act with integrity, provide the safest treatments possible, make scheduling simple, and work for an overall stress-free process. The key programs that we provide include:

  • Silver Protection Plan: Our entry-level plan provides a significant amount of coverage with either bi-monthly or quarterly visits, soil inspections for termites, interior and exterior treatments, exterior exclusion, and spider web removal. 
  • Gold Protection Plan: This program doubles the number of pests we cover and includes interior fleas and ticks. 
  • Platinum Protection Plan: Our most comprehensive program adds extensive protection from subterranean termites.
  • Mosquito Service: These monthly treatments are focused on mosquito season and are resistant-proof. 

For more information on our residential pest control offerings, call us today.

Ant Prevention For Outdoor Events Around Dunn Loring This Summer

While ants are a very big issue for Dunn Loring homeowners inside the home, they can also become a nuisance outside as well. Here are a few key tips to prevent outdoor ant problems this summer:

  • When hosting outdoor gatherings, make sure that food is properly covered at all times. 
  • Fix any leaky pipes, spigots, or downspouts and redirect condensation that might occur from air conditioning units. 
  • Always keep outdoor garbage bins clean and secured with a lid. 
  • Seek help from a local pest control specialist. 

At Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, we provide homeowners with ant prevention as part of our standard pest control program because we understand how insistent they can be. Our goal is to reduce ant populations by 75% without the use of chemicals, but rather by eliminating contributing factors. We’ll use safe pesticides where necessary in order to ensure their full prevention and removal. For more information on these services, contact us today.

Don’t Let Stinging Insects Ruin Your Summer In Dunn Loring

Stinging insects are some of the most territorial and aggressive pests that you may encounter this summer in Dunn Loring. While specific characteristics vary from species to species, stinging insects are typically easily provoked and attack as a group, which can leave you with a variety of unpleasant allergic reactions that, in the worst cases, can be lethal. At Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, we understand the need for complete protection from these pests. We address these pests head-on with a multi-faceted approach that includes both non-chemical and chemical solutions.

Our process for stinging insects always begins with a thorough property inspection so that we can identify the species, locate any nests, and work to customize your treatment plan of action. Our entry-level residential pest control program includes wasp protection, while our more comprehensive plans include a broader level of protection to cover bald-faced hornets and yellow jackets. For more information on our stinging insect control services, please call us today. 

The Best Form Of Rodent Control For Your Dunn Loring Property

Rodent infestations are very frequent occurrences for Dunn Loring property owners because these pests have developed a dependent relationship with people without their knowledge. Rodents like rats and mice are difficult to prevent, breed at rapid rates, carry harmful pathogens, spread other pest problems, and can cause very significant property damage. Simply put, they’re your worst nightmare. Rather than waste your time and money on DIY methods that leave you further exposed to these issues, turn to the most effective form of rodent control: professional assistance from Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions. 

Part of our company philosophy is to treat all of our customers as if they were our own family, which to us, means implementing treatments that are safe and that provide both immediate and lasting relief. We follow the methods of Integrated Pest Management in order to accomplish this goal, which also means a greater emphasis on exclusion and the use of fewer chemicals. To learn more about keeping rodents out of your home, call us today. 

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