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When you go looking for Prince William County pest control and request year-round pest control for your Dumfries home, what should your service plan look like? At Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, we believe that your pest control service should provide the greatest level of protection with the least amount of pest control material. Join us as we look at our approach to pest control in Dumfries and explain how we provide layers of protection for our customers.


Residential Pest Control In Dumfries, VA

There is a scientific process to effective pest control. Our service specialists are trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is widely considered to be the gold standard for pest control.

These are the steps we take to provide your home with the highest level of pest protection:

  1. Interview. We listen to your concerns and get essential information needed for our pest control evaluation.
  2. Inspection. We perform a professional inspection and look for pest activity, pest routes, breeding sites, and conducive conditions.
  3. Evaluate. We use the findings from our inspection to evaluate an appropriate pest control plan that will address the pests and pest pressures found.
  4. Develop a non-pesticide solution. We select natural control options first. There are a surprising number of ways pests can be excluded without the need for control products. As examples, we remove spider webs to reduce spider populations, knock down wasp nests, apply exclusions, and deploy traps.
  5. Develop a treatment solution. Control products are used to bolster your protection. The products we use are most often scientifically engineered to address pest development and reproduction. We may also apply products that create a barrier, such as liquid crack and crevice treatments or dust applications within walls. These work to provide layers of protection. 
  6. Pest maintenance. If conducive conditions can be corrected, your service specialist will address them.
  7. Follow-up. Effective pest control must have a follow-up process.

If you’ve been thinking about getting residential pest control service in Dumfries, why not connect with us today and get started? Life is so much better without pests.

Things You Can Do Now In Dumfries To Prevent Stinging Insects This Summer

If you’re reading this in spring, now is the perfect time to consider wasp, hornet, and bee prevention. Use the following tips to prevent trouble with stinging pests throughout the summer:

  • Inspect your exterior for starter nests created by paper wasps and knock them down during the day.
  • Fill in ground holes to prevent yellow jackets from creating nests.
  • Seal entry points in your exterior to keep stinging insects from creating nests in voids.
  • Get ahead of weeds which offer a sweet food source for stinging insects.

These tips can make a big difference, but we know how life can get busy. Who has time to perform stinging insect control? If you’d like assistance, reach out to us here at Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions for pest control service in Dumfries and the surrounding area.

Four Simple Tricks To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Dumfries Home

Mice and rats can create a lot of trouble, and once they get in, they can be difficult to remove. Here are four simple tricks to keep rodents out of your home:

  1. Remove clutter. Rodents have poor eyesight and will use objects in your yard to traverse your yard. A clutter-free yard is a rodent-resistant yard. 
  2. Remove or protect food options. Rodents eat seeds, nuts, fruit, certain vegetables, and garbage.
  3. Remove hiding places. Rodents hide in objects near your exterior walls or get behind leaves piled up under your deck.
  4. Seal potential entry points. A mouse can get into your home through a hole the size of a dime. Seal every hole you can find, no matter how tiny.

Keeping rodents out of your home can be as simple as applying these four steps. If you’re unable to take these steps or if conditions in your yard make it too difficult to keep rodents away, more control may be needed.

If you need assistance keeping rodents out, or rodents have already found their way into your home, reach out to us. We use field-tested rodent control methods and the most trusted products to get control of rodents.

How Dumfries Residents Can Fight Back Against Summer Mosquitoes

Do you know that the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are your mosquitoes? What do we mean? Contrary to what you may have heard, mosquitoes don’t go from yard to yard looking for someone to bite. In fact, they don’t travel much at all. Most of the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mosquitoes that hatched in your yard. If you’re looking to have fewer mosquito bites this year, you need to consider how mosquitoes reproduce on your property.

Female mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water resources, like puddles, birdbaths, objects that collect rainwater in your yard, etc. Address moisture problems, remove containers, and pour water onto the ground. If you start doing this in spring, you will see fewer mosquitoes—perhaps even a lot fewer mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes lay a hundred eggs at a time!

If you’d like assistance with locating breeding sites and conducive conditions, or you’d like professional mosquito control, keep us in mind. At Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, we use In2Care Traps to target mosquito breeding. These traps will not only destroy the eggs mosquitoes lay but will use female mosquitoes to carry the active ingredient to other potential breeding sites on your property, making them unusable. Reach out to us today for service. 

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