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Effective Pest Control Solutions In Centreville, VA

We have quite a variety of pests in Centreville and each one is somewhat different. While there are many ways to get control of all pests in general, certain pests require targeted control. At Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions, our Fairfax County pest control uses an eight-step process to solve pest problems and we apply targeted solutions where they are needed. Join us as we look at this process and discuss how this method of pest control provides long-lasting results.

Residential Pest Control In Centreville, VA


Every home is unique in its own way. Our eight-step system is meant to evaluate pest pressures, track pest activity, catalog conducive conditions, and detect other factors that are unique to your property. We use our findings to establish your residential pest control service plan.

  • Step 1: We ask a series of questions to get to the heart of your concerns and make sure we address the pests that matter most to you. During this interview, we learn some helpful facts that can be used to evaluate your pest control needs.
  • Step 2: We perform an inspection to locate pest activity, identify the pests found, and track routes, breeding sites, and other factors. We take photos during the process and attach them to your account.
  • Step 3: We look for conducive conditions that are contributing to your pest issues.
  • Step 4: We develop non-pesticide solutions to address conducive conditions such as food, water, and shelter, without using pesticides.
  • Step 5: We develop a treatment solution after corrective measures have been taken. The goal is to reduce pesticide use by at least 75 percent.
  • Step 6: We address conditions that need to be corrected to increase the success of treatments.
  • Step 7: At all points of the process, we work to set appropriate expectations so that you get the results you expect. Our goal is not only to deliver on our promises but to over-deliver.
  • Step 8: We follow up after a one-time pest control service and perform routine inspections for year-round pest control service. We are always evaluating the effectiveness of the service we provide.

If you’re in Centreville, reach out to Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions for any pest control issues you’re dealing with on or inside your home. You’ll always get the highest level of service and you’ll always get the most scientific solution to your pest control issues.

The Trick To Handling A Rat Infestation In Your Centreville Home

Now that you understand our process, let’s apply this methodology to rodent control. Our first goal will be to speak with you about what you’ve seen and heard. Then, we’ll evaluate your property and figure out where rats are active. We do this by looking for warning signs such as droppings, urine, gnaw marks, grease marks, etc. Using our findings, we establish a plan to get control of your rodent problem. Some of the methods we may use are:

  • Installation of bait stations
  • Sealing openings that are larger than ¼ of an inch
  • Applying protective material in pipes that are more than 2 inches in diameter

Rodent control is more about the strategy than it is about the products. It is a systematic process that begins and ends with an inspection.

The Secret To Effective Mosquito Control For Your Centreville Yard

It may seem like the only solution for mosquitoes is to put on some repellent or create screened-in recreation areas in your backyard, but this is not the case. The reason why you have mosquitoes in your yard is because mosquitoes are reproducing in your yard.

The best solution for mosquito control is to give female mosquitoes breeding sites they can’t resist and use those breeding sites to arrest mosquito activity. We’ve found great success with In2Care traps. When female mosquitoes lay eggs in these traps, the eggs are destroyed by larvicide. The female mosquito also picks the larvicide up and spreads it to other stagnant water breeding sites on the property.

How To Tell If Your Centreville Home Has Bed Bugs

Some pests don’t drive you crazy in your yard or come into your home from your yard. When bed bugs find their way into your home, it will be by accident. Bed bugs spread passively. If they’ve spread to your home, here are a few ways you can detect them:

  • Each bed bug typically bites three times. These bites will be in a line or slight zig-zag. It doesn’t take many bed bugs to inflict a large number of bites. If you’re finding lots of bites on your body, and they appear to follow a path across your skin, they’re likely to be bed bug bites.
  • You might get lucky and see bed bugs. If you lift a mattress or a cushion on your couch, you might find these bugs huddled together in an area the size of your thumbnail.
  • You may have to go looking for bed bugs. Use a flashlight and a butter knife to inspect your beds and furniture for insects, shed skins, black feces, or tiny white eggs.
  • Keep an eye out for black fecal spotting on pillowcases, sheets, and blankets.

When you find bed bugs in your Centreville home, contact us as soon as possible. These insects can be incredibly difficult to control. When you need Fairfax County pest control, you can always count on Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions. Reach out to us anytime. We can help!

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