Burke, VA Pest Control

Burke is one of the most beautiful places in Virginia. With its rolling hills and pristine forests, Burke is a great place to visit, live, work, or raise a family. But even the most idyllic places have their share of pests.

In Burke, there are a variety of pests that can invade your home or business. These include rodents such as rats and mice, insects such as cockroaches and ants, and wildlife such as raccoons and deer.

Each of these pests can cause damage to your property or pose a health risk to you or your family.

Fairfax County pest control’s Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions can help you bring the war to these pests and prevent them from invading your home or property. We work hard to protect your home from pests, so you can enjoy the beauty of Burke worry-free. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Residential Pest Control In Burke


Your home is your refuge from the world. It’s where you raise your family and create lasting memories. You should be able to enjoy your home without worrying about pests.

Sadly, pests are a fact of life, and they can invade your home at any time. Like most homeowners, you probably know the pests that are most likely to invade your home. These include:

  • Rodents: Rats and mice are the most common rodents in Burke. They can cause damage to your property and may also pose a health risk to you and your family.
  • Insects: Cockroaches, ants, and termites are some of the most common insect pests in Burke. They can quickly infest your home, causing extensive problems.
  • Wildlife: Raccoons, deer, and other wildlife can pose a threat to your property and your family’s safety.

If you’re worried about pests invading your home, don’t panic! Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions can help. We utilize our eight-point residential pest prevention plan to ensure that your home is pest-free. It includes:

  1. Interview
  2. Inspection and identification
  3. Locate and identify the source and conducive conditions
  4. Develop non-pesticide solution
  5. Develop a treatment solution
  6. Follow-through
  7. Set the expectation
  8. Schedule the next service

You can expect utmost honesty, integrity, fair treatment, dedication, and professionalism when dealing with us. We’re local, family-owned and operated, and treat every client like family. Call us to get started on your free consultation today.

Why Pro Mosquito Control Is The Way To Go In Burke

Unbeknownst to many, mosquitoes are one of the world’s deadliest creatures. Yes, that little bug that buzzes around your ear on a hot summer night can kill you. In fact, mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other creature on earth.

These pests are known to be a vector of some of the deadliest diseases on earth, such as:

  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus 
  • Zika virus 
  • Chikungunya virus 
  • Dengue fever
  • Encephalitis 
  • Yellow fever 
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) 

Fortunately, most of these diseases are treatable and are rare in the United States, but that doesn’t mean you should take your chances.

The only reliable and recommended way to protect yourself and your family from these deadly diseases is to contact Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions for mosquito control.

We use In2Care Mosquito Traps to rid your property of mosquitoes. The traps attract the mosquito. They enter the trap and pick microbes that contain larvicides and adulticides.

They then spread the microbes everywhere they go—including where they breed. The adult mosquito dies off in a few days, and any eggs laid in the infested places soon follow.

Protect yourself and your family from the dangers of mosquitoes. Contact us to schedule your free inspection and consultation.

Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Get Out Of Your Burke Home

Man has been battling bed bugs for centuries. And these pesky critters do not only infest homes but also:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Dormitories
  • Public transport

The good news is that bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases. The bad news is that they can cause discomfort – itching, welts, and even secondary infections from scratching.

Bed bugs are notoriously hard to eradicate – they’re hardy and can go for long periods without a blood meal. In fact, they can survive up to a year without feeding. They’re also resistant to most pesticides.

The only surefire way to exterminate bed bugs is to call a professional bed bug control company. Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions has dealt with bed bugs for years and knows how to eradicate them quickly and effectively.

The only surefire way to exterminate bed bugs is to call a professional bed bug control company. Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions has dealt with bed bugs for years and knows how to eradicate them quickly and effectively.

We use a combination of methods, including steam treatment and heat treatment. Our service specialist will also work with you to identify any possible places where bed bugs may be hiding and suggest ways to make your home less hospitable to them.

Don’t let bed bugs take over your home – contact us today for a free quote.

An All-Inclusive Guide To Ant Control For Burke Homeowners

There are an estimated 12,000 ant species worldwide. Fortunately, only a few species cause problems for homeowners, but they can be a real nuisance nonetheless.

Carpenter ants are perhaps the most troublesome species for homeowners in Burke. These ants can damage wood as they tunnel and nest in it. They may also contaminate food.

Other species commonly found in local homes include:

  • Fire ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Pharaoh ants

All of these species can be controlled with a combination of pest management techniques. Viewpoint Pest Management Solutions offers various services to deal with all types of ant infestations. We use a variety of methods, including baiting and trapping.

Keep your family and home safe from ants – contact us today for a free consultation.

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